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Add “Pop Culture” to your marketing

Insert “Pop Culture” into your businesses to increase reach, interest and fun?  Also a quick and easy marketing plan for your social media.  People want to associate with fun, cool and innovative people and businesses.  Nobody ever said, “I would love to do business with that guy but he is way to creative, fun and…

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How to avoid the “Chicken Little’s” in your life.

A couple quick tips on dealing with the “Chicken Little’s” in your life and reducing your stress. A Chicken Little is someone who is constantly surrounded by drama and in some form or another is always asking for help. In other words the sky is continuously falling. We all have people in our lives who…

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Make 2017 the best year ever!

Runners take your marks… Get Set… Go!!!! Wait, What? It’s that time again. Time to plan out your NEXT YEAR! Yes, 2017. Wait you say? “It’s not New Years Eve yet, I have lots of time.” The battle cry of the unprepared, unhappy and bitter people of the world is… “Nothing ever works out for…

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