FREE Anti-Bully Special Report

This report is only a small sample of what parents can do for their children. With only a little time and focus, parents can positively change their children’s lives and stop a bullying problem in its tracks. If you have a child who is the target of a bully, this free report could reduce their…

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As a parent, Brett realizes that the safety and welfare of a child is the number one concern of parents and guardians. And that all children count on us to protect them! Knowing that most children are not ‘safety conscious’ and will not know how to react in a potentially harmful situation, Brett teaches a fun-filled NON-THREATENING…

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This hands-on, self-escape program was designed as a last resort method for kids to escape the grasp of a would be abductor. Design and tested with children ages 9 -12 to give them a fighting chance when the odds are against them. Specific techniques that work within a child’s strength and leverage that give them…

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