The 3 A’s of Customer Service

Several years back I bought into a franchise and implemented the systems of the franchise into my two existing businesses. Unfortunately, I, and many others, were defrauded by this franchise and it cost me dearly. I sold one profitable business that I never got paid for ($200,000 gone). I lost a bunch of clients to…

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Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Goal setting is something that has been an obsession of mine for over 20 years. In general I have reached almost every goal I have ever set. If I didn’t reach those goals at least I now know why I missed. I can also say without hesitation or reservation that if I did miss a…

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What if You Only had 6 Months to Live??

  Its amazing how people’s perspective of what is important changes when they find out that their time on this earth may be cut much shorter than they ever expected. How would your perspective change if you got the news “You only had six months to live” ??? I have never had this happen to…

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