Add “Pop Culture” to your marketing

Insert “Pop Culture” into your businesses to increase reach, interest and fun?  Also a quick and easy marketing plan for your social media.  People want to associate with fun, cool and innovative people and businesses.  Nobody ever said, “I would love to do business with that guy but he is way to creative, fun and…

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Burn Out is a Cop Out – Fix the Problem

Burnout, as most people talk about it, is generally a cop out and a load of crap. You never feel burned out when you feel like your kicking ass, making a difference, making progress in a way that makes you feel good, or when you are creating something of value or bettering yourself. Generally, you feel burned out…

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Having Your Life in Balance is a Lie and Here is Why

Life is about Harmony NOT Balance You must have harmony, NOT balance, to be at peace with yourself, feel great about your life and be successful. In my very first management job I learned that balance was almost never possible, but harmony was the key to feeling successful in your life and career. At my first…

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