The 6 BIGGEST mistakes in marketing

is a must read for ANY business owner who is interested in achieving a substantially greater result from their marketing efforts.

Brett will walk you through the six biggest mistakes he has found in virtually all small businesses marketing strategies.  Brett then gives you actionable steps to correct the problems.  You will love it. 

Reclaiming the Clock

The straight forward system to taking back your time and living the life you truly desire

No fluff, no hype just simple and actionable steps that can be implemented IMMEDIATELY into your life.


Effective Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

is a straight forward guide that is designed to help business owners achiever their entrepreneurial goals.

This is a great tool whether you want to attract more customers, create a happier and more productive staff or simply spend less time in your business and more time on your business.  


The Anti-Bully Program This is an Amazon #1 Best Selling book in 3 categories. The Anti-Bully program is a straightforward and insightful training program for families who have a child that is the target of a bully or are interested in minimizing their child’s chances of being bullied. The program is full of easy-to-follow and straightforward training that parents can work on with their children in the privacy of their own home.


The Anti Cyber Bully Program is a very clear and understandable, the Ant-Cyber Bully Program for parents and children is a must read for any parent who has a child that is the victim of a cyber bully. The training and tools outlined in this program gives the parents of a cyber bullied child a clear cut and easy to follow action plan, on how to help their child. The best part is you do not need extensive computer or smart phone knowledge to quickly and effectively use the material provided in this program 


Bullyproof  Is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Book.  It is a compilation book featuring some of the most respected experts in the fields anti-bullying and anti-cyber bullying.  

Released on Amazon – August 30th, 2015


Protecting Your Castle is the premier anti-home burglary and safety training program available to the general public. Created by nationally recognized family safety and empowerment expert Brett Lechtenberg, the program is filled with straight-forward, simple and empowering training that can be used by virtually any homeowner to keep their home, family, and possessions safer from a burglar.


The Ultimate Travel Safety Program is Amazon #1 Best Selling book in 4 categories.  UTSP is a comprehensive program to help plan and prepare a for mission, vacation, or business trip outside the United States.  This program will teach you the little known secrets of how to stay safe, healthy and happy during an oversees trip.

Releases on Amazon – October 30th, 2015