The BEST marketing lesson you will ever get AND how to know when some supposed marketing guru is lying to you.  Part 2

brettlechtenberg (1)Yesterday – Marketing made easy. Today – The unvarnished truth about marketing funnels About FUNNELS The big BUZZ word in marketing these days is FUNNEL’s “You gotta have a better funnel!!!  If you don’t you are really screwing up and costing yourself millions.” This is the battle cry of every wanna be in business. Don’t get me wrong, a funnel is definitely important but it is HOW the funnel is created that is the real magic. First What is a marketing funnel?
  1. A funnel is anything that takes a prospect through a series of steps designed to agitate pain, create curiosity and ultimately lead to a sale.
  2. Funnels take you from a marketing piece,
  3. To a low barrier offer and then to
  4. A sale.
A good funnel also follows up with drip marketing, if the person does not buy from you initially. That is it.  That is all a funnel is. You can definitely make your marketing funnels extremely complex, if you want, but there probably is not much need. Many successful businesses have been built with super simple and extremely targeted funnels. How do the greatest funnel builders in the world get their funnels to work? Are you ready for the answer? Are you sure? You are going to hate the answer. Drum roll please…. The ONLY way to have a great funnel is to first… Do the research from step one of this article. ALL (without exception) highly successful funnels are constructed based on comprehensive market research first. IF anybody tells you different then they are trying to sell you a bill of goods. Give them the finger and walk away. Just kidding, but you get the point. If your business currently has all the leads you want/need then read no further.  Congratulations and keep going. If you do not, the following evaluation process and test model will help. Here is the funnel concept broken down in more detail. Marketing/Funnel evaluation process:
  1. Read the pieces of the simple funnel model below
  2. Compare your current marketing program to the simple funnel
  3. If you are missing pieces or have pieces out of order, then make the appropriate changes.
Simple funnel model in a more detail:
  1. Comprehensive market research that determines need and pain.
  2. Marketing piece – print ad, web page, business card, radio spot etc. that sends someone to a…
  3. Low barrier offer – free training, free report, low cost trial etc. that sends someone to your business (online or offline) for your …
  4. Regular product offer – Whatever your normally priced widget is
  5. From your offer someone either
  6. Buys your offer – Treat them like gold or…
  7. They don’t buy your offer – Just keep sending them VALUABLE CONTENT – NOT a consistent flow of pitches.
Content is KING! Send people great content Don’t worry about anything else Give great content Make sure your funnel includes the consistent flow of content. All done! Now you know exactly how to structure your marketing, and your funnel, for maximum results. I will leave you with one final thought. I DO NOT teach concepts and theories that I do not use in my own business. THIS WORKS! Dedicated to your success Brett Dream Big – Live Bigger – Leave A Positive Legacy