Without Following Your Passion, Your Business is Doomed to Fail and So Are You

branson passion quoteThere are definitely two trains of thought when I talk to people about following their passion in business.

First, is the person who has a burning passion to do something and share their gift with the world. They know they need to make money if they are really going to be able to follow their passion full time. Sometimes they just do not know how to make the money they need.

Second, is the person who has a passion but does not want to have money be a component in their passion because they feel it will ruin their passion or turn it into a job they do not want.

This leads to the big question, who is right?

The answer is…

They both are.

For now I am only going to talk about the people in category one – making money with your passion. I will leave category two for another time.

If you read the quote above by Sir Richard Branson, I think it is pretty clear.

If you have a burning passion to do something, and it is going to positively serve yourself and the world, then you should go out and do it. There is probably no real reason to wait; you simply need to start taking action.

The majority of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs followed their passion by doing what they love, developing a specific skill set that could help others, developing a plan for helping those people, and then implementing their plan with energy, intensity and enthusiasm.

Because of their passion they made a lot of money and helped a lot of people.

Sure, there are people who don’t really have a passion for something and only do things for money, and that is their choice. At the end of the day, those people generally don’t feel very fulfilled with their lives and live with a lot of regret.

You do not need to be one of those unfortunate souls who lives with regret.

Instead, live your passion and understand that if you have the ability to help people then you have a moral obligation to do so. If you make a great living from following your passion, that is awesome and something to be proud of and not ashamed.

Some would have you believe that money is the root of all evil and that is absolutely NOT true. In fact it is disgusting that people say that.

GREED is a root of evil not money.

Money is one thing only…

A vehicle to freedom which allows you to help more people.

If you are a greedy person then that statement makes no sense to you. In fact you are probably doomed to lead a life devoid of fulfillment and joy.

If you are a giving person then the above statement will hopefully set you free to follow your passion, help people, make money, follow your passion, help more people, create more freedom, help more people, live with more passion, and so on and so on.

Always live your life with passion and build your business based on that passion and caring for others and your community. Be generous and not greedy and remember one last thing.

Pigs get fed but hogs get slaughtered. It’s your choice of what you will be.

Dedicated to your success,

Brett Lechtenberg

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